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We are on a mission to transform the lives of 1 million introvert professionals by helping them become successful leaders and take on senior leadership roles.

about leadership success club

Leadership Success Club is a leadership coaching program for high-aspirant professionals, especially Introvert Professionals.

The program will help you fast-track your career and prepare you for taking on Senior Management and CXO Roles from both Leadership and People Management perspectives. The program will help develop the mind-sets and habits required for Senior Management roles. If you are already in Senior Management roles, the program will sharpen and hone your skills for stronger execution and bigger roles.

what my clients say

Over the course of my interactions with him, Johncey became a sounding board, a mentor, a guide and a friend. He helped me think out-of-the-box and expand my horizon to possibilities that I didn't think were possible.

The fact that he specializes in coaching 'introverts' helped him understand my problems, concerns, and apprehensions better than most people would.

An absolutely fantastic year of coaching with Johncey!

CFO of a Fortune 500 Company

How our Leadership Coaching help Introvert Leaders?

Introverts are quiet in nature. This is often misunderstood as a lack of confidence and shyness; in some cases, they are considered arrogant because they don't speak up. Because of this, they are often ignored for promotions and leadership roles. 


We live in an environment well suited for extroverts (collaboration, networking, parties, public speaking, etc., are critical for success in a corporate environment). This is also a natural struggle for Introverts.

Introverts need to overcome such perceptions and sharpen their Executive Presence to succeed. They also need to brand themselves better. But all these behavior goes against the natural being of an Introvert. 

My coaching engagement helps introverts overcome the struggles they face in a corporate environment through practical application.

The engagement starts by helping individuals discover their core selves, their authentic being. Not the projections that are being interpreted by the world but their most natural, authentic way of being. Articulating their CORE beliefs and values gives an individual a deep sense of clarity on who they are and how they can lead a more meaningful and fulfilled life – at work, in their relationships, and for themselves.


Secondly, I believe in creating a supportive environment that builds on an individual’s core strengths and talents. Criticism, comparison, and judgment have no place in this environment.

Thirdly, I believe every individual has a unique learning style and pace.

As a coach, I work with individuals to help them find their own path, true to their own style, instead of taking a prescribed path. What works for one individual may not work for another. So the approach is customized. 

All the above ensure greater stickiness of the new habits formed through the coaching journey and help fast-track their career by sharpening their leadership skills.

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Program Benefits (reported by Past Participants too)

Advance your Career Quickly and Effectively

Understand Yourself Deeply and hence increase your Self Awareness

Sharpen your Executive Presence

(Gravitas, Communication)

Be Known within and outside the organization by strengthening your Personal Brand

Start Networking Effectively and with Ease

Do Public Speaking and Office Presentations without Fear and with Confidence

Improve your Strategic Thinking and Big Picture Thinking Capabilities

Develop a Senior Leadership and CxO Mindset

Book Reading Club - Inculcate Reading Habit

Introduction to Industry Networking Groups

Peer Learning and Networking

Personalized Coaching and Mentoring

Get your Resume and LinkedIn Profile Reviewed for Maximum Impact

Interview Preparation Support 

Introduction to Recruitment Consultants

Learn how to find Hidden Jobs in the Market and Apply for it

Learn how to negotiate better Salary

Customized sessions for Introvert Professionals

White Structure
Sripriya Ramanathan shares her success journey
Varun Girilal - Managing Partner Scripbox, Former Ranji Cricketer
Career Transformation Journey of Rubin James
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Structure of the Program
Personalized Coaching Sessions
Personalized Coaching Sessions for specific challenges and confidential discussions. 

Eight (8) 1:1 Coaching Sessions of 30 minutes each. Can be availed any time during the membership. It can be scheduled at your convenience.
Weekly Leadership Sessions
Live Group Coaching Sessions where common challenges are discussed and you learn from high achievers.

You can choose between 2 sessions weekly

Every Mon 6.30pm to 8.00pm
Every Sat 6pm to 7.30pm

You can attend both or any one.

Note: Session will be recorded even if you missed for some reason. It may not be practical to attend every week for a year, that is understandable. But missing one session will not create a continuity issue as every week it will be a standalone topic.
Practice Public Speaking
Opportunities to Practice Public Speaking and improve Confidence in Speaking 
Accountability Partner
Accountability Partner option to ensure Actions are followed through
Strategic Thinking Coaching
You will be coached for improving your strategic thinking in my flagship group coaching program. This will be a 7 hour program done once in 4 months.
Book Reading Club
Participants will get opportunity to read and share their perspectives on management and leadership books
Access to Your Coach
Access to Coach Johncey over WhatsApp Chat and Emails for urgent discussions

You will also be in a private WhatsApp Group of this Club Members
Career Advancement  Video Modules
  1. Hidden Job Finder - a systematic way to find hidden jobs in the market
  2. How to Manage a Tough Boss
  3. Enhance Your Personal Brand
  4. Sharpen Your Networking Skills
  5. Learn to say a Positive NO, Conditional YES
  6. Manage Workplace Conflicts
  7. LinkedIn Profile Mastery
  8. Build Your Confidence in Any Area
  9. Tips to Ace a Job Interview
1 year Membership
31 Handy Micro-Video Modules for Sharp Learning of People Management Skills
  1. First 30 Days as Manager – 3 Key Tips

  2. How to build a strong relationship with your boss

  3. How to develop trust among your team

  4. Personalised leadership and how you can implement it

  5. How to motivate your team members

  6. How to plan for the day

  7. How to do a structured 121 meeting with your team members.

  8. How to listen actively

  9. How to delegate effectively

  10. How to handle the introverts and extroverts in the team

  11. The art of saying No

  12. How to say No to seniors managers and customers

  13. The art of saying YES without overcommitting

  14. How to give constructive feedback

  15. Training vs Coaching

  16. How to navigate politics in the organization

  17. How to handle an upset team member?

  18. How to reward your team

  19. How to handle conflicts between 2 team members

  20. Thought leadership and how you can be a thought leader

  21. Personal Branding vs Boasting – how to brand yourself better

  22. Effective meeting – how do you do it

  23. A good interview – how do you do it

  24. How to handle criticism

  25. Key elements of a good presentation

  26. The art of public speaking

  27. How to control your anger

  28. How to embrace uncertainty

  29. Decision making models

  30. How to create a buy-in for your ideas from your colleagues

  31. Important meetings with your super boss – preparation, dos and don’ts

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Examples of topics that are covered through the Weekly Group Sessions. Every week it will be a different leadership topic.
  • Mindsets and Leadership Habits to Become a CxO

  • Habits of High Performers and how to be a High Performer

  • Handle Introvert Challenges: Live Coaching for Speaking Up in Meetings

  • Handle Introvert Challenges: Networking and handling Social Events like a Party

  • How to Sharpen Your Public Speaking Skills as a Leader

  • Executive Presence and Appearance for a Senior Management Role

  • Goal Setting, Decision-Making Strategies

  • How to Become a Thought Leader

  • How to deal with Difficult People

  • How to Manage Uncertainty as a Leader

  • How to Handle Emotions of Team and Stakeholders

  • How to handle your team members who interact directly with your Manager?

  • Interview Challenges, Questions, How to answer them effectively

  • Negotiating for Salary

  • Smart Interview Questions to Ask when you interview others

  • Leadership Questions brought up by participants will be addressed

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Customer Wins

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Improved my relationship with senior execs

Executive Presence and Personal Branding sessions helped me further improve my relationship with senior execs in my organization.


Coach Johncey_edited.jpg
Executive Leadership Coach - Johncey George
  • International Coaching Federation Accredited Leadership Coach – ICF PCC

  • Successfully helped several Leaders grow in their Career to Directors, VPs, CXOs

  • Special Program for Introvert Leaders - India’s first and only Leadership Coach for Introvert Leaders

  • Helps Introvert business leaders to unleash their potential and in turn help the business growth

  • Articles Featured in

  • 5+ Years of Professional Leadership Coaching experience with 1200+ Hours of Coaching Recorded

  • Johncey has 23 years of corporate leadership experience and has held positions such as-

    • COO of a Software firm Skelta

    • Bangalore Software Delivery Center head for Invensys PLC

    • Director  IT, Schneider Electric Digital

    • Board of Directors for Invensys Hyderabad


  • Various Roles Played in the Corporate Jobs:

    • Heading HR / IT / Technical Support / Training / Software Delivery functions with P&L responsibility

    • Global Project & Program Management handling multi-million dollar program

Qualifications & Certifications
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science

  • Executive General Management from IIM Bangalore

  • Global CIO Certification – ISB Hyderabad

  • Management Education - Harvard Business School, ROSS Business School, Michigan

  • International Coaching Federation – Professional Certified Coach

    • Certified Leadership & Life Coach

    • Certified Emotions Mastery Coach

    • Certified Health & Fitness “Mindset” Coach

  • HarvEker – Train the Trainer Certified, Accelerated Learning Techniques

Leadership Advisory Boards of
  • Vidya Foundation



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What Clients Say

"Thank you to Johncey for coaching over the last 6 months. It was a great learning experience. While I knew many leadership concepts, Johncey’s methodology provided me deeper insights and approach to be taken in the context I was in. That of course is a big benefit of Coaching.
Stakeholder engagement and Strategic Thinking are 2 key areas where I gained a lot from coaching with Johncey."

Pankaj Pophale, HSBC - A newly promoted CTO

Career transformation journey of Deepthi
Schedule a FREE  exploratory session using this link
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