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The Story of an Aspiring Blogger – Unleashing Potential

One day, I received testimonial from this coachee of mine. She said my coaching program changed her life and wrote a short testimonial. Since she said she is an aspiring blogger, I asked whether she would be interested to write this as a blog, which would be a unique thing to do.

The outcome is as below. She wants to be really good at blogging, before she reveals herself and I respect that Let us wish her all the best!

The Story of an Aspiring Blogger who Unleashed her Potential

This is my story. The story of a software professional, mother of three sweet kids, an aspiring blogger, and writer. A dreamer with uncanny resilience, creativity, intuition, and imagination. An introvert by nature, empathetic and compassionate, loyal, patient, and at the same time a quick and risky decision-maker.

Throughout my life, I have been dreaming of becoming a motivational blogger and writer who could inspire and touch the lives of many. I used to feel dejected and disappointed because from one angle I was booming with ideas and imagination along with my unique personality and strengths.

But from another angle, I was being criticized for my incapability by people around me. I used to ask myself why I was not able to get started despite being blessed with such unique values and strengths envied by many. Being an introvert is considered a ‘Manufacturing Defect’ by many. But it is my identity and true self.

Throughout childhood I was a brilliant student, powerful and highly independent. The lack of social skills crippled my happiness and success. I was highly insecure while in a group and couldn’t speak up no matter how much efforts I made.

Also, I had great difficulty in expressing my emotions. I was perfectly fine with one-to-one communication and networking. But the same thing didn’t work while in a group or public.

Being an introvert, I had high standards of perfection and was a deep thinker and explorer. People used to applaud the genius in me but somehow my ideas never saw light because of the self-sabotaging habits of procrastination and perfectionism.

Then one fine day it happened. The Eureka moment of my life. I came across the word ‘Introvert’ once again and this time I had some different feelings about the word for the first time in my life. All these years I used to feel disappointed when people called me an ‘Introvert’ because that’s how society labels us as loners who do not value people.

But that’s not the reality, friends and these perceptions changed after I attended Coach Johncey’s webinar.

The moment he shared the fact that some of the world’s most successful and admired people are introverts and the list include Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Mahatma Gandhi. I was so excited and happy. I really felt like screaming out to the same people who laughed at me and my dreams.

Inspired by Coach’s words of wisdom, I embraced myself, my true self, the very fact that I was an introvert and took pride in my uniqueness for the first time. Yes, I started loving and accepting myself for the first time. Then I decided to enroll for the Leadership Coaching program ‘Unleash Your Potential’.

Throughout the 4-day sessions, we had thought provoking exercises that made us reflect on our inner selves and realize our core values and strengths. We were made to reiterate through the list and surprisingly with each day, I could gather two or more extra qualities and weaknesses and also blind spots which I wasn’t aware of to date.

Self-awareness is a powerful weapon that can sharpen the sword of your self-confidence, self esteem, and self-respect, thereby inspiring and motivating you to get started. Somehow I started feeling confident and driven to get started and chase my passion and set goals for the same.

We had self-confidence templates and action plans too for identifying and working on our life purpose and goals. Like how ‘Iron sharpens iron so does a friend, coach or mentor’. That’s what happened to me. Through those sessions, Coach sharpened all of our confidence and self-awareness.

Leonardo Da Vinci said, The greatest deception men suffer from is from their own opinions. This proved to be true and meaningful after the 4-day coaching program where I began embracing myself and accepted myself the way I am.

How much ever well we believe we know ourselves we are clueless to some of our traits that remain as our blind spots and success blockers. Through his magical recipe of doing self-awareness exercises like Core Values, Confidence templates etc., Coach inspired all of us to set up an action plan and gave us lessons on how to get started and utilize the strengths of an introvert in a positive way.

Through this program, I was able to convert my negative traits like perfectionism and overthinking to deep thinking and reflection and utilize them in pursuing my lifelong passion for becoming a blogger and author.

Now that I have the powerful weapon of self-awareness and confidence in me, I am driven to work towards my passion and I have already started attending classes on Digital Marketing which will help me in my blogging venture. I have started doing my experiments and am planning to make the blog live by next month.

I liked his idea of giving or offering help to some stranger before even getting acquainted. Because people always approach those who are ready to help or add value to their lives. Coach has made me come out of my shell and hidden insecurities which kept me away from pursuing my dreams.

Above all, unlike normal people who stop conversing after getting their products and services sold, he has created a private WhatsApp group for us, attendees, whereby we can share our knowledge and learn from him.

Coach is very patient and spends time with each one of us, trying to understand us more without being judgmental. He keeps encouraging and motivating us. Thank You, Coach, for being such a blessing and inspiration for all of us?

Author: To be revealed soon!


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