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Don’t fret about these feelings of an introvert

“I do not really open up.”

“I take time to open up.”

“I go into a shell.”

“It takes time for me to communicate freely with people who I don’t know very well.”

“I act busy to avoid speaking with others.”

“I don’t speak much, but my role requires me to speak a lot.”

“I dread meeting people.”

“I overthink.”

If any of the above thoughts seem familiar to you, my request to you is: please stop worrying that there is something is wrong with you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. That is the person you are.

Over 30% of the world’s population is made up of introverts. Btw, I am an introvert myself.

I encourage you to read this Forbes article I wrote.

If you read the post, you will find that introverts recharge themselves in solitude. Their energy gets depleted very quickly in big groups.

They prefer to conserve their energy by avoiding meeting others or speaking too much.

As they are deep thinkers, they do tend to overthink and take time to evaluate the pros and cons of any situation prior to making a decision or taking an action.

But the (unfortunate) reality is that, in a corporate environment, you are expected to work in collaboration with others and hence, the need to network.

One of the key attributes of leadership is influencing others to follow you. Frequent, efficient and effective communication play a huge role in portraying yourself to others and influencing them.

There are unique strategies which will support and help introverts in achieving this. You need to explore these strategies and discover which ones work for you.

And you can achieve this without trying to become an extrovert.

So don’t stress yourself. Explore the unique strategies which can support you in the corporate world.

Please reach out to me and have a free consultation discussion with me to help you move forward in your career.

Author: Johncey George is an International Coaching Federation certified Leadership and Life Coach. He focuses on working with Introvert Professionals, helping them grow as leaders by unleashing their potential.

He helps introverts celebrate their strengths and become successful as leaders. Being an introvert himself, he understands their thinking process. He combines this knowledge, his corporate leadership experience and his coaching experience to help create more leaders among the Introverts.

Johncey has 23 years of corporate leadership experience and done his BE and Management Education from IIM Bangalore, Harvard Business School, ISB Hyderabad.

His company, Johncey George Consulting Pvt Ltd, does Leadership Development through Coaching, under the brand Coach Johncey (

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